5 Best Free AI Chatbots in 2023

5 Best Free AI Chatbots in 2023

An AI chatbot is a software application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to simulate natural human conversation. Simply put, the chatbot reads the user’s request and gives a meaningful answer, formulated based on the database that it has at its disposal (files and links to third-party resources).

The main feature of chatbots is constant learning. By analyzing previous interactions with users, he improves himself. As a result, the chatbot gains flexibility in understanding requests; it gives meaningful and accurate answers even to vague formulations.

Chatbots provide round-the-clock support to users without the need for rest or breaks and process several requests simultaneously. The use of chatbots is an opportunity to save time and effort for human operators.

Due to their advantages, chatbots quickly conquered the market and became an integral tool for modern business.

Let's quickly understand why AI chatbots are useful.

Benefits of Using an AI Chatbot

Chatbots are a tool that improves your customer service and provides them with a great user experience. If your chatbot is carefully personalized, the customer will enjoy interacting with it and become more loyal to your company. Let's look at the main advantages of such a chatbot:

  1. 24/7 Availability. Regardless of the time zone or time of day, the client will receive an instant and accurate response to his request. Chatbots provide 24/7 support, work in real time, and they don't need rest.
  2. Cost-effective. Chatbots with artificial intelligence almost completely replace human operators. Therefore, the support service no longer needs a large number of employees, and at the same time, personnel costs will decrease.
  3. Reduced Response Time. In the digital age, people are accustomed to receiving answers in real time. While a human operator can make mistakes and keep the user waiting, chatbots provide instant answers and also handle multiple queries at the same time. Waiting times are reduced, and customer satisfaction increases.
  4. Scalability. As your business grows, so does your customer base. Chatbots can easily handle the increasing number of requests, allowing your business to scale without incurring significant additional costs.

Free AI Chatbots You Can Try in 2023


WizyChat is an AI chatbot that easily adapts to your requirements and preferences. It has a simple and intuitive interface with easy setup. Due to this, you can quickly optimize it to suit your goals.

WizyChat knows several languages and can communicate with clients from different countries. If you want to expand your customer base and increase sales abroad, WizyChat is an ideal solution, as it will provide the client with comfortable communication in his native language.

In addition, WizyChat provides a number of useful features, including:

  1. Supports adding your OpenAI key even on a free plan! That means you can test your chatbot as long as you need without limits like "7-14days trial"
  2. Leads capture on a free plan
  3. Supports 80+ languages
  4. Uses GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 capabilities
  5. Guarantees more accurate semantic search of your data

WizyChat will provide your customers with 24/7 support. The chatbot is available at any time of the day and does not depend on time zones. Wherever your client is, he will receive an instant and accurate response to his request, and his loyalty to your company will increase.


Chatfuel has a simple and intuitive interface. If you decide to use it to create your own chatbot, you will be surprised at the complete lack of difficulties when working with Chatfuel.

This platform has a user-friendly and simple drag-and-drop feature that allows you to quickly choose the design and features for your chatbot and then integrate it with Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or your website.

Chatfuel provides a seamless user experience and streamlines your business operations with a range of useful features, including:

  1. Ability to create an AI chatbot without code
  2. Very simple drag-and-drop interface
  3. Free template for frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Chatfuel is a quick and easy option for creating an AI chatbot that will connect with your customers and personalize their recommendations.


Drift is designed specifically to optimize B2B interactions. As a result of constant training, the chatbot improves its scripts and capabilities, personalizing the dialogue with the client at every stage of interaction. By analyzing user behavior and relevant queries, the chatbot recommends suitable products and services.

If you wish, you can customize the chat widget to your liking and incorporate it into your website design while maintaining your brand's personality.

Drift has a number of features that make it a preferred and smart choice if you want to attract new customers and optimize your customer experience:

  1. Multilingual support
  2. Extensive suite of integrations
  3. Data security is given priority

Drift will help you expand your customer base, as the multilingual chatbot allows you to interact with the user in their native language. Without a language barrier, the client will have free access to your services and products.


Kommunicate will help improve the quality of customer service and automate conversations. In particular, the chatbot allows you to pre-scribe scripts for answers to frequently asked questions. If it cannot process the request, the chatbot forwards it to a human operator.

The platform allows you to create a chatbot with artificial intelligence that processes user requests through several channels at once: Messenger, websites and CRM systems.

Particularly convenient Communicate functions include:

  1. Various integration
  2. Advanced analytics and reporting capabilities
  3. Highly customization

Kommunicate will notify your customers about the merits of a product or service, the details of their orders, and collect their feedback to analyze the effectiveness of its work. Based on this analysis, it will adjust its algorithms to attract users to your brand.


Chatbase is a convenient constructor that will help you create and configure a chatbot with artificial intelligence to suit your needs in the shortest possible time. All you have to do is download the database and add a link to your website. And now you already have a working chatbot to interact with your customers!

Check out the key features of Chatbase:

  1. Ability to create an AI chatbot without code
  2. Variable settings
  3. Custom integrations

Chatbase is an artificial intelligence chatbot builder that is designed specifically to meet the demands of the dynamic and rapidly changing modern world.